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Aaaaaand we’re back!

April 16:

Kristee Ono (Cobb’s Comedy Club, SF Punch Line)
Kristee is a guilty pleasure. You really do not want your friends to know how much you actually enjoy her.  Relatively entertaining, she has been in the San Francisco comedy scene for five years, carving a nice little cave for herself.  She hosted the Ladies’ Room Comedy Open Mic, the city’s only all-female comedy open mic. She has performed at the Punchline, Cobbs, the Purple Onion and anywhere else she can.

Andrew Holmgren (SF Weekly’s Best Comics To Watch)
Andrew Holmgren, comedian, is a sharp-shooting merrymaker, hardboiled in the San Francisco Bay, that finds utmost joy in disseminating his humor across the country. One-part noble knave, one-part calming confidence man, and one-part evergreen mocker, Holmgren speaks with frank sarcasm and idyllic crassness. A budding star, Andrew Holmgren has performed at the San Francisco Punch Line, Noise Pop Festival, the International Hemp and Cannabis Festival, San Francisco Indie Fest, San Francisco Comedy Day, and the Sacramento Comedy Festival (earning the Best of Fest award). Also, he has opened for the reputable Will Franken and Moshe Kasher and curates the popular Get Yucked Up comedy showcase under Bay Area comedy outfit, Sylvan Productions, of which he serves as producer/artist. While supremely confident, the jokester remains humble, grinding and mining his craft nightly. Expectations are aptly high for Andrew Holmgren.

Loren Kraut (SF Sketchfest)
Awkwardly hilarious, Loren’s unorthodox style of comedy juxtaposes playfulness with deeply dark humor.  She turns grim subject matter, like depression and suicide, on its ear, presenting the bleakness of mental illness with unexpected wit and levity. Ever the outsider, Loren gives us a glimpse into her weird, silly and often tragic world that, in the end, is surprisingly life affirming.

Matt Louv 
Matt is a comedian, Juggalo scholar, birdwatcher, wild mushroom gatherer, grizzly bear avoider and extremely eligible bachelor. He has been doing comedy for four years and isn’t famous because he would never compromise his artistic vision with success. He runs a weekly comedy show in San Francisco’s Mission District, called The Mission Position, and is generally considered “one of the funny ones” by his comedian peers. He is slowly dying from mushroom poisoning.

Plus Emily Van Dyke (Winner: 2013 Walk the Plank Comedy Competition), Jason Mack and your host: bowtie enthusiast and dapper dresser Justin Alan!

AND there’s a Goldstar deal!

Next Show: April 16

Coming off our anniversary triumph, we’re back for more at Stage Werx on April 16.

So far, we’re ready to announce Emily Van Dyke, a very funny lady who won the prestigious 2013 Walk The Plank Comedy Competition, Kristy Ono, a very funny lady who you may have seen at the SF Punch Line or Cobb’s comedy clubs, and Loren Kraut, a very funny lady with very funny jokes about her obsessive-compulsive disorder and other stuff, who was recently featured on SF Sketch Fest.

No comedy show would be complete without WHITE MALES so we’ll have some of those, too. STAY TUNED!

You can get tickets here.


Thanks to everyone who made a year of Real Live Comedians possible.

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Tonight! Our Anniversary Show! :’)

Remember a year ago? A new Pope was elected. Hugo Chavez died. Real Live Comedians had its first live comedy show. Barack Obama was President.

But that was last year. Now, a year later, Real Live Comedians celebrates one year of comedy! And we’re bringing back our favorite comedians to celebrate!

Kate Willet (“One of the strongest female figures in Bay Area Comedy” - SF Weekly)
Natasha Muse (Cobb’s Comedy Club, SF Sketchfest)
Red Scott (SF Sketchfest, Boars, Gore and Swords podcast)
Bert DiVietri (Don’t Watch This Show Live)
Kelly McCarron (Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, comedy album “I’d Eat Them Both”)

Hosted by Ryan Cronin (SF Weekly’s “Comics to Watch,” 100x performer at SF Sketchfest)

Plus show producer Jason Mack, Liz Stone and FREE CUPCAKES!

Yes, free cupcakes will be served, and our father will work late, stumble in late, drunk, and pretend he knew it was our birthday ALL ALONG. He’ll say he’s giving us our “big surprise present” this weekend, and you will all pretend to believe him and that it’s really sweet.

The greatness keeps getting greatnesser.

We added musical comedy act MooreDevine to the bill for Wednesday’s show!

MooreDevine is made up of Bay Area comedians and Sylvan Productions members Andrew Moore and Spencer Devine, and they are “the greatest musical duo to grace the greater Bay Area.” They round out one of our best lineups, with people from television and LA and Venezuela and everything!

Bonus! The show is on GoldStar!

Seriously. We’re back and this show is f****** packed with talent.

Catch the rest of the lineup here.

February 19 - The Show

February 19 at 8pm Real Live Comedians returns to Stage Werx Theatre and if you miss it you probably don’t bathe regularly.

Featuring Matt Morales (Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson)
Matt Morales has been a staple of the Bay Area Stand-Up Comedy Scene since 2002.  He is a regular performer at the San Francisco Punch Line, Cobb’s Comedy Club and has appeared at SF Sketchfest, Portland’s Bridgetown Comedy Festival and Scotland’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Kelly McCarron (Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, comedy album “I’d Eat Them Both”)
Kelly McCarron might just be the most adorable comedian you’ll ever see. With her delightful demeanor and her biting sense of humor, Kelly charms her audiences while making their bellies ache from laughter. Kelly has a way of bringing all audiences together by taking topics such as obesity, therapy, and singlehood and finding the hilarity in it all that is unique yet somehow relatable to us all.

Jesse Fernandez (Head writer for eBaumsworld; was drunk in Mexico when Jason asked him for credits)
Jesse Fernandez shoots collages of ideas into that ether like shotgun blasts into the air. He rearranges half thoughts and feelings like a 4-dimensional jigsaw puzzle and puts the visual representations into his PowerPoint presentations. Then his boss scolds him for slacking off, and Jesse gets back to work as head writer of

MooreDevine is the greatest musical comedy duo in the greater Bay Area!

Plus Eloisa Bravo (SF Sketchfest), Imran G (San Jose Improv, Rooster T Feathers Comedy Club), show producer Jason Mack and host Erik Krasner!

Get your tickets right here, or get your bathing tips right here. It’s up to you.


Wednesday 1/15/2014 At Stage Werx!

We’ve got an awesome show coming up on January 15!

Shanti Charan’s bubbly personality and contagious smile lure in audiences and her comedic abilities keeps them laughing. She is a fast-rising fresh face in the Bay Area comedy scene. Her ability to formulate quick connections makes it easy for her to communicate with diverse audiences. She won 1st place in the 2011 Rooster T Feather’s Comedy Competition and participated in the 2011 San Francisco International Comedy Competition where she advanced to the semi-finals. Charan was recently awarded SF Weekly’s 2012 Best Stand-Up on the Way Up. SF Weekly says Charan’s writing “is clever and confident beyond her years.”

Jules Posner is a stand up comedian and San Francisco native. He has been described as a comedian who, “puts the ‘b’ in subtle”. Jules started performing stand up in the San Francisco Bay Area in January of 2009 and has established himself as a fixture in the comedy community. Jules has been featured on’s No Drink Minimum,’s Road Trip on Hulu and Time Out New York Magazine. Although Jules is based in San Francisco, he performs all over the country. He has headlined shows from New York to Los Angeles and is a favorite at the SF Punchline as well as Cobb’s Comedy Club. Jules has also performed in multiple festivals such as SF Sketchfest 2011-2013, the SF Comedy and Burrito Festival, and the S.H.I.T.’s and Giggles Festival in Humboldt. He has also performed with some of the best comedians in the industry such as Maria Bamford,  Arj Barker, Chelsea Peretti, Kyle Kinane, Bobcat Goldthwait, and Mike Birbiglia just to name a few.

Mary Van Note is a stand-up comedienne of the weird variety.  She performs at colleges, clubs and festivals across the country and she is the creator and star of the award winning Independent Film Channel web series The Mary Van Note Show: Gavin Really Wants Me.  The San Francisco Bay Guardian called her a “Zine-Queen Comedian” as she regularly makes zines, crafts and mini-comics.  Her specialties are stick-figures and cross-stitch.  She also posts regularly on her personal style and comics blog at


Jason Mack
Iris Benson
85-year-old show “announcer” Remi Barron
Improv from Narcissists Anonymous

And special guest Paul Simmons!


8pm Wednesday, January 15, 2014, at the intimate Mission District hot spot Stage Werx Theatre. Doors and refreshments at 7:30.

♥ Some heavily discounted tickets are available on Goldstar! 

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